What a turn out! What a lovely trip we had

Well we are all back now, in one piece (barring balls and cricket stumps), and having enjoyed a really great weekend at the South London Scout Camp! We were so lucky – on Saturday the weather got better and better as more people arrived, and by the early evening it was just glorious!

Thanks so much to all who turned up – I think everyone had a great time and got a lot out of it. We had no less that 70 people stay over from school, and 11 visitors for the day – and a grand total of (I think) 26 tents. A really great mix of people – both completely new to camping, and seasoned outdoors people, so everyone was able to get help and borrow any bits and pieces they didn’t have. Thanks to the dad who put up no less than four other tents for novices – Bravo!


“Please sir, I want s’more”

Later in the evening we used some of the centre’s enormous pile of logs to have a camp fire in the special camp fire area. Some made dampers with flour and water and toasted them on sticks – in true scouting style. We had chocolate bananas roasted in foil, and also – an American tradition new to most of us – something called “S’mores”. We couldn’t get the crackers they use in the US so we made a British version: toasted marshmallows, sandwiched between chocolate digestives with the chocolate on the inside so it melts. As one mum said with only ‘slight’ sarcasm – “totes amazeballs” – for once the correct description!

I’m pretty sure the children all had a ball – please do let us know. I certain the parents that came all enjoyed themselves too.

Until this time next year then – Camp Out Part Two.


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